Body Wisdom

Did you ever wonder what makes a newborn baby cry when it is hungry?  A tiny infant a few days out of the womb can communicate their needs to their mother without the ability to utter a single syllable of their native language.  They didn’t learn this skill by reading a book, watching a video, or by any other form of educated intelligence.  Rather, this instinct was inborn, instilled within by their creator, and is a product of what acupuncturists call body wisdom.  Body Wisdom is what created you from 2 tiny cells, and it continues to run your body to this day.

Body Wisdom causes you to shiver when you are cold and to perspire when you are hot. Body Wisdom makes you experience hunger when your body needs food, and thirst when it needs water.  If you have a harmful virus in your body, Body Wisdom creates a fever to burn it up.  Body Wisdom forms scabs to heal open wounds.  Simply put, Body Wisdom controls and coordinates every system, organ, tissue, and cell in the human body, and without it, life would cease to exist.

The best part is, Body Wisdom is always on the job whether you realize it or not.  Think about it.  Do you have to concentrate on making your heart beat every day? Do you have to coax your finger to heal if it is cut?  What would we ever get done if we had to walk our digestive systems through the process of breaking down our food every time we eat?

Meridian imbalances and blockages act like roadblocks along the highway of the meridian system.  When you understand that imbalances interfere with your body’s wisdom, which is it’s expression of life, you can begin to see how conditions like digestive disorders, sleep disturbances, lowered immunity, and allergies can be linked back to meridian imbalances.  Correct the imbalance, and you restore energy to the body.  That’s the impact of a treatment!

What drug out there corrects meridian imbalances?  What prescription is written to boost your Body Wisdom?  In an attempt to outsmart our creator we are continually urged to poison our body’s with chemicals that work in opposition to our natural life process.

Where do you place your trust?  In the power that created and gave life to the world around you, or in laboratory-born chemicals that take the lives of thousands every year?

Sometimes there is immense power in simplicity.  Rather than tamper with a perfectly designed system, one of the best ways to ensure a healthy life is to correct the imbalance, get out of the way and let your Body Wisdom do its work.Body Wisdom

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